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The world of business thrives on MS Excel. It is one of the most commonly used tools, across the globe. However, despite its popularity, a large percentage of Excel users are unaware of its true potential, often, failing to get the most out of this superbly powerful tool. Through ExcelwithKewal, It is an humble way to promote Microsoft Excel's usage in the SME sector in India.

We are here to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Join us for a comprehensive two-day LIVE workshop where you will learn the most advanced concepts of MS Excel, brought to you by industry-recognized MS Excel Trainer and Data Scientist, Kewal Kishan.

It doesn't get better than this.
Are you ready to accelerate your business growth?

90% of world’s white collar workforce use Microsoft Excel for Data Crunching, Data Reporting, Data Management, & Data Analysis

— A report by WorldAtWork

The benefits

Forecast sales better

Hit that record sales target, and increase profitability per sale

Streamline operations

Manage your budgets, improve efficiency, and reduce costs

Explore key parameters

Analyze ROI on your product development and marketing expenditures

Do better planning

Plan projects and new initiatives with greater ease with data

Create actionable results

Value the business when it is time to cash out or merge with other businesses

Make better decisions

Hit that record sales target, and increase profitability per sale

The Curriculum

Data Collection, Processing

  • Quick Data Entry Techniques
  • Import from Data sources
  • Editing Techniques
  • Excel Shortcuts & Tips & Tricks
  • Auto-fill & Flash fill

Data Management & Cleaning

  • Excel Master Functions
    • Referential Functions
    • Statistical Functions
    • Logical Functions
    • Math Functions
    • Text Functions
    • Date & Time Functions
  • Group, Ungroup & Subtotal
  • External Data Files Connections
  • Best Data Tables Cleaning Techniques

Business Reporting

  • Pivot Tables & PowerPivot
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Array Formulas & Linking
  • Nested Formulas
    • VLOOKUP + MATCH + INDIRECT formula
    • IF + AND + OR formula
    • Array Formulas
    • 3D Formulas
  • Drop-downs
  • Conditional Formatting

Data Analysis

  • Business Charts-Graphs & Data Tables
  • Trend Analysis & Forecasting
  • Consolidate
  • Table Relationships
  • Goal Seek and Solver

Visualization Dashboards

  • Introduction & Importance to Business Dashboards
  • Excel vs Web based Dashboards

Excel Automation

  • Add Developer Tab in Ribbon
  • Automate your daily routine activities
  • Recording an activity using Macros
  • Introduction to Functions & Procedures

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