Solve Real Business Problems with MS Excel and Google Sheets

Build your competitive advantage by mastering the Advanced MS Excel and Google Sheets in a 2 days weekend LIVE Workshop with award-winning data analyst Kewal Kishan

10th - 11th May 2019
Friday - Saturday (9 AM to 5 PM)
Udyog Vihar Phase-IV
₹ 25,000  ₹ 12,000 + GST
(Including breakfast, lunch & evening snacks)

Transform raw data into bottom-line results

The world of business thrives on MS Excel and Google Sheets. They are the most commonly used tools, across the globe. However, despite their popularity, a large percentage of Excel and Google Sheets users are unaware of their true potential, often, failing to get the most out of these superbly powerful tools.

We are here to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Join us for a comprehensive two-day LIVE workshop where you will learn the most advanced concepts of MS Excel and Google Sheets, brought to you by industry-recognized MS Excel and Google Sheets Trainer and Data Scientist, Kewal Kishan.

It doesn't get better than this.
Are you ready to accelerate your business growth?

90% of world’s white collar workforce use Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets for Data Crunching, Data Reporting, Data Management, & Data Analysis

— A report by WorldAtWork

The benefits

Forecast sales better

Hit that record sales target, and increase profitability per sale

Streamline operations

Manage your budgets, improve efficiency, and reduce costs

Explore key parameters

Analyze ROI on your product development and marketing expenditures

Do better planning

Plan projects and new initiatives with greater ease with data

Create actionable results

Value the business when it is time to cash out or merge with other businesses

Make better decisions

Hit that record sales target, and increase profitability per sale

Kewal & his team is brilliant at using Excel to combine and analyze multiple data sources. I never knew there are so many possibilities.

Atul Holkar (Head of Supply Chain, RJ Corp)

The Curriculum

Data Collection, Processing

  • Quick Data Entry Techniques
  • Import from Data sources
  • Editing Techniques
  • Excel Shortcuts & Tips & Tricks
  • Auto-fill & Flash fill

Data Management & Cleaning

  • Excel and Google Sheets Master Functions
    • Referential Functions
    • Statistical Functions
    • Logical Functions
    • Math Functions
    • Text Functions
    • Date & Time Functions
  • Group, Ungroup & Subtotal
  • External Data Files Connections
  • Data Tables Cleaning Techniques

Business Reporting

  • Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Array Formulas & Linking
  • Nested Formulas
    • VLOOKUP + MATCH + INDIRECT formula
    • IF + AND + OR formula
    • Array Formulas
    • 3D Formulas
  • Formula Auditing
  • Data validation
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Table vs Graphs
  • Task specific chart selection

Data Analysis

  • Business Charts-Graphs & Data Tables
  • Trend Analysis & Forecasting
  • Consolidate
  • Table Relationships
  • Goal Seek and Solver

Visualization Dashboards

  • Introduction & Importance to Business Dashboards
  • Vertical Specific Dasboards
  • Excel based Real Time Dasboard
  • Cloud based Real Time Dashboards using Google Data Studio

Business Tools

  • Network Management
  • Inventory Management
  • CRM
  • Lead Management
  • Project Management using Trello

Meet your instructor —

Being the best Excel and Google Sheets Process Automation Expert of India, Kewal Kishan is an Industry recognized Excel and Google Sheets Trainer.

Kewal is founder of Zillion Analytics Pvt. Ltd. – Where he provides Automation, Analysis, Consulting and Training using MS Excel and Google Sheets. Deriving Excel by Excellent at cells, Kewal has trained thousands of corporate professionals with a single agenda of making Excel and Google Sheets Masters out of trainees.

Over the years of Advanced Excel and Google Sheets Trainings, Kewal has empowered corporate professionals to increase work productivity 10X and to reduce Excel and Google Sheets Task timings from hours to few minutes and even to a single mouse click.

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Who should attend?

Business Owners & CXOs

Get the complete grip of your business performance (reduce operational costs and improve overall profitability)

Finance Professionals

Manage & analyse accounts reports. Build graphs & charts to compare the business income & expenditures easily.

Marketing Professionals

Learn how to make a data driven marketing plan using MS Excel and Google Sheets

Sales Professionals

Manage, analyze your sales data at fingertips. Bring automation in data analysis and learn to build sales dashboards.

HR Professionals

Articulate HR raw data with better interpretation. Automate whole HR process (from recruitment, training & development, to staff retention)


Automate standard works and improve overall efficiency and productivity

“ Excel with Kewal was great opportunity for learning new analytical tools. The pivot table and dashboards can add a lot to a CEO's kitty for organizational Control. Kewal is "beyond doubt a master of Excel" . This training can not be missed.”

Rakesh Sharma (Business Coach at Prime Performance, Ghaziabad)

Ready to profit from advanced Excel and Google Sheets?

Attend this workshop to learn advanced concepts of excel and google sheets and transform data into profits. Please find the information about next workshop below. Register now!

Date, Venue & Fee

Date & Time

10th - 11th May 2019 (9 am to 5 pm)

fee (per Person)

₹25,000  ₹12,000 + GST Only

* 50% discount for additional person from same company

(Including breakfast, lunch & evening snacks)

Tax invoice will be shared via email, once payment is completed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ExcelWithKewal is always on Weekends due to Corporate Audience. You are most welcome to participate in our future workshop scheduled next depending upon the availability at a nominal fee of 25%.
There is a 100% money back guarantee if the workshop doesn’t help you.
You will see Excel and Google Sheets Software in a new limelight and will learn the Superpowers of this amazing tool to propel your productivity